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Market and Economic News from LPL Financial Research Team

Week of November 13, 2017

MARKET COMMENTARY; This weekly update offers insights into domestic and global financial markets events, policy actions, and geopolitical impacts.

"Trump's First Year"


  • The Dow’s 28.5% advance during the year after the election ranks as one of the best ever.
  • Current technical conditions suggest that the bullish trend in equities could continue into 2018, and potential dips may present buying opportunities.
  • We continue to closely monitor fundamentals, particularly policy developments out of Washington, as we believe they will be a necessary component for stock market gains in 2018.

ECONOMIC COMMENTARY; This weekly update offers insights into the U.S. and global economy.

"Productivity Pickup"


  • Productivity grew 3% in the third quarter, the best quarter since 2014.
  • Improved capital spending leads us to believe that the progress may persist.
  • Productivity growth is an important contributor to GDP, helps raise the standard of living, and provides an offset for rising wages.

BOND MARKET PERSPECTIVES; This weekly update offers insights into major news and themes driving fixed income markets.

"Further Flattening"


  • The yield curve continues to flatten, but remains far from inverting or signaling an impending recession.
  • The most recent decline in steepness has been driven by higher expectations for future
    rate hikes, due to continued economic improvement and a pickup in inflation expectations.